Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Isabelle's halo is off!

Christmas came early for Miss Isabelle. Yesterday afternoon I found out that she was great during surgury, and they were able to take off her halo! Christmas came early in the Smith household! I am so excited for her and Amanda! Nick and I are eating dinner for his dad's birthday tonight at Ocean...super excited to try it out! Then we have Christmas eve with his grandad at the farm in Alex City...eat, play dirty Santa, shoot guns, and be exhausted out of our mind by the time we make it back home! I can't wait for Christmas...it is honestly MY FAVORITE holiday! I love presents...hum, I wonder what Santa is going to bring me this year???

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What an AMAZING Saturday...starting off running 9 miles!!!

If I had to name my favorite Saturdays of the year...I would have to name yesterday on the top!!!
  1. Ran 9 miles!!! I'm so proud of myself, Nick, and Misty!!! Also, I'm so impressed that my friend, Christie, ran her first half marathon in 2:12!!! She kicks ass...actually we all do...it's seriously becoming a running "cult" ;)
  2. Ate at my FAVORITE restaurant (with Nick) ...if any of you know me that would be LA PAZ!!!! We ate an entire bowl of cheese dip...seriously, if you haven't had it...you need to try it...AMAZING!!!
  3. Came home and lounged around
  4. Wrapped some presents (could possibly be the fastest gift wrapper...SERIOUSLY)
  5. Took Cody for walk
  6. Lounged around some more
  7. Finally got around to taking shower
  8. Watched Keeping up with Kardashians (I hate to watch that show...but I can't help myself) in robe and heating pad
  9. Nick cooked amazing steaks for dinner
  10. I made him watch Enchanted with me (VERY CORNY BUT CUTE!)
  11. Went to Blockbuster to rent Public Enemies in Bed
SERIOUSLY, it was the most relaxing fun day I got to spend with Nick in a really long time. I'm always working on Saturdays, so it is very rare that we get to spend that much time together! Oh...and I made the BEST X-MAS PLAYLIST EVER that went on for an hour and a half!!! I was running all through downtown singing!!! I cherish these days that I get to spend with my family and NOT have an agenda on what or where we are supposed to be next!

I am really getting excited about the Mercedes Marathon!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know...I know...it's been forever since I've blogged...much to catch up on!

First off...a couple of weeks ago I went and visited the Dempseys!!! How prescious is Gates, he's getting so big! (Don't you love Aunt Ellen's new socks!!!!)
We had fun shopping out in the outlet! Just a quick trip to ATL and back!

I don't know...what do y'all think of my new way to just hang up a bunch of pictures. Got them at the Jr. League Market for cheap...I think it's cool...because it's the first thing you see when you walk in my bedroom...any comments?

***Isabelle update***
We are still under $2,000 and our goal is $5,000!!! We need y'alls help! This is a picture that I took of Amanda (Isabelle's mom) and Isabelle at The Bell Center's holiday party! Remember this place is totally NON-PROFIT and needs OUR help because everyday, children like Isabelle get turned away because of there lack of money!!! Please help Nick and myself sponsor Isabelle by visiting:

This is my good friend Casey, running for Emma Grace! How cute is she!!! Casey started running "couch to 5K" and look how far she has gotten! I run with her and she is doing awesome!!!

This is Rusty, one of the rehabilitation dogs! Isabelle tends to call Cody Rusty!!!

After my five mile run this morning, I took Cody on a walk and threw the ball in the neighborhood park...he got seriously muddy and I had to carry him into the house and give him a bath! Now he's such a fluffy thing!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Pretty Please Santa??? It's only over $450...it's not like we are in a downward spiral of a recession or anything...I've been a really good girl...We've already decorated our house and Christmas tree...Pretty please with sugar on top???
So, I have to get on the ball with taking our X-mas card picture this year...before I know it, X-mas will be over!!! I absolutely love this time of year...I'll post more pics of my house with decorations!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a crazy past couple of days!!! I'm ready for rest!

There are so many things that I have done since my last blog, I don't even know where to start! First of all, Wednesday night we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family...Thursday morning...ran 10K Montclair run. I was hurting but finished in 1:01 and Nick was right behind me at 1:04!!! After waiting for our friends, Lauren and Phillip (they walked...and came in AFTER the kid's FUN RUN!)...we rushed home made homemade mac and cheese and this amazing dip I got from Michelle! It was a cream cheese cranberry dip...VERY GOOD and EASY!

I had to take this picture of Cody hanging out of Nick's backseat of his '67 Mustang...it's classic Cody!!!

After Round 2 of meals, we hung out with the family for a bit...run home to take nap...then meat them and see The Blind Side. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I'm telling anyone who wants to see a truly happy story...GO SEE IT! I had no idea what to expect, and I thought we were just watching a football movie...but it is SO MUCH MORE!
Friday- we all woke up bright and early to take Cody to my parents house...run to PetSmart to get him food and stocking stuffers...then meet the Miles' family at 7:30! Auburn played their heart out, and it was definately a great game!!! We came back home that night.
Yesterday, I went to work...then went back to the Miles' household to celebrate his sister's 23rd Birthday!!! Came home...slept...dreaded to wake up and run 7 miles in morning...
Sunday-woke up and met Misty and Christie for our run...can I just say that I am a little exhausted!!!

Don't forget to visit our fundraising website: www.firstgiving.com/ellenmiles

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ahhhh...another Rest day after 7 miles!!!

I am really beginning to love my rest days again! We ran 7.2 miles yesterday morning! It was an awesome run! I tried to keep up with Misty and Christie...but wow am I tired! After work yesterday, I went to my sister's to eat dinner with them and my two nephews!!! I had soooo much fun seeing Parker and Charlie...I picked up Charlie last night and said "Oh my gosh" and he says "Oh my gosh!!!" It was the funniest thing I heard...and of course we left something Cody's bowl...so that just means that I got EXTRA time to play with them again this morning. This is one of the pictures that I took:

After that, Cody and I went on a walk...he is getting sooooo big! Whenever there is humidity, he ears crimp up like we used an '80s crimper!!!

We were walking and this is a picture of a new neighborhood (right behind our house) of their common area! How nice is this...the fire pit, pond, chimney...seriously!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Ok...so I got a little more than what I bargained for...I went shopping, got new shoes, shirts, iPhone (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY), pink iPhone cover (yay x2), stole Nick's massage (legitimately, it "technically" could still be mine since I gave it to him in JANUARY!!!)...THIS HAD TO BE THE BEST REST/OFF WORK DAY IN AT LEAST A YEAR!!! I really don't know what is up with me, but I felt like having a "me" day...oh...almost forgot to say that I even got new eyeshadow!!! (double wamm)...now that I have my new iphone...I am soooo stoked...I mean that I can actually add video! I will have to update phone soon so you can see video of Parker and Charlie in their new Santa hats! sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tomorrow is rest day!

Today was a jammed pack day for my off day! Cody and I started by going to the bank (one of his favorite things). This morning I got ready and went to meet Isabelle and Amanda at Homewood Park today...we strolled around with Isabelle telling "Co-deee come here!"...After that, we all strolled and got some food, then I got a rigged up iPhone and went to the Junior League Market! I got tons of X-mas presents for the family!!! After that, Nick and I met up with Danny (our coach) to do our group run! It was only four miles, but there was a BIG hill at the end! Can't wait for my walk with Rebecca and Raughley tomorrow! Nick and I are watching the new Star Trek (yay!!!) right now with iced up knees!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 miles...ready for my rest day on Friday!

I stole this from Isabelle's blog...its just too cute! Nick and I ran tonight and it is starting to get chilly!!! We ran our three and have our group run tomorrow night, but I'm telling you...I am ready for my rest day! Tomorrow I have a big day...meet Isabelle and Amanda with Cody at park, go to The Market, see my sis and nephews, group run, etc...this daylight savings is killing me! I hate it getting dark so early!

Don't you want to just eat him up!!!

I meant to add this onto my blog this past weekend, but I am having some iPhone technical problems...like, it did not help that I dropped it in a cosmopolitan and it's been in repair since Halloween weekend. Well, I did have my prescious iPhone for a total of ONE day last week...and I was able to snap a couple pics of Michelle's baby, Gates! I mean how cute is he!!! By the way, he is the best baby. He is welcome to stay at my house anytime :)
As for running, I was too lazy to get up this morning, but Nick and I have 3 miles to run after work. 3 miles actually doesn't sound bad after doing 5 and 6. I can't believe we are jumping up to 7 on Saturday!!! I am so honored to say that we have already received $639.30 on our fundraising website (w/in the past 12 hours!) I have even made it easier for all of you, and you can just click to the right and donate right on my blog! I know baby Gates will be cheering us on all the way from ATL!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For the record, I am not a morning person!

You might be asking why would I make my title this...well that is where training for the Mercedes comes in! Since Nick and I are running for Isabelle, that means we have group runs 3 days a week!!! Tuesday mornings just happened to be our SUNRISE run (at 5:30 AM!!!)...anyone who knows me, knows NOT to talk to me for the first hour of me waking up...at least until I get some Diet Coke in my system. Well, I am working on turning over a new leaf! We ran 5 miles this morning, but I am not going to lie...as soon as I got home...I went BACK TO SLEEP! Today was a very exciting day for me because I was able to set up our fundraising website for The Bell Center. As many of you might know by now, we are running in honor of our little friend, Isabelle! She is my inspiration on why I run at 5:30!!! Our target goal from The Bell Center was $2,620 but I stepped it up a notch...and made our goal $5,000! All of the money goes directly to this wonderful nonprofit organization. I will be keeping you updates as we progress with training and of course just keep you updated with my crazy life. Please visit http://firstgiving.org/ellenmiles to donate and learn more about The Bell Center. Also, if you want to keep updated with Miss Isabelle, feel free to visit her mom's blog
I look forward to keeping you updated...on a side note...as I am still a relatively new wife and I just had to show you a picture of my very first homemade chicken potpie picture...it came out wonderful...very easy recipe if you are interested, let me know!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a great weekend!

Wow...I couldn't have wished for a better weekend for my vacation days! It was beautiful weather, had Michelle, baby Gates, and Chrissy come in town!!! Friday night, let's just say we all (plus Whit) went and ate A LOT of cheese dip...but who can really resist cheese dip from La Paz??? Yesterday was our first group run!!! Chrissy even got up and decided to hit the roads of B'ham with Nick and myself...wow, was I EXCITED to see Nick finish 6 miles!!! This was his VERY FIRST time to run SIX MILES!!!! It was a fulfilled day, with having celebratory drinks at On Tap with the group, and then went to Momma G's to get some sandwiches and ENJOY A SATURDAY OFF!!!! I'm not going to lie, I was exhausted all day yesterday so I was just lazy for the rest of the afternoon and evening. This morning, when I woke up...I told Nick we had to go to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. I'm not going to lie, this was probably my first Sunday off...I can't even remember when the last time was! Anyway, we had a busy day ahead of us. Today was going to be our first day to meet Isabelle with her mom and grandmom!!! In case you missed it, Nick and I are running in honor of Isabelle for The Bell Center in the Mercedes Marathon on Valentine's Day. I will keep you posted once I get our website up and going to learn more!!! I bought a couple of Elmo books yesterday, because I did know that Elmo is one of her favorites!!! Isabelle is 2 years old with Larsen's Syndrome. She is wearing a halo around her head (we're hoping to get it off next month). She had such an amazing spirit and was all about seeing what Cody was up to! Cody loved giving Isabelle lots of kisses! We can't wait to raise money for The Bell Center...just look at her...how can you resist her precious face!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I love my walks with Rebecca, Raughley, and Cody

I have had this amazing friend, Rebecca...FOREVER! We used to run and walk all throughout highschool...times never changed with us...this is her adorable son, Raughley, trying to get out of the stroller to play with Cody! It's so nice to actually get to take a WALK every once in a while with all of the training! I feel like we are back in jr. high again everytime we get together!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nick ran 5 miles with me today!

This is huge! Nick leaped from 3.5 to 5 today (we did walk a little...not just because he needed it...but I did too!). Anyway, I feel much better about him running 6 miles on Saturday (and me too), but it will be our first time with the group together! We have decided to become Partners in Training (PIT), so that means we have to raise $100 per mile for each of us (total $200) so we can sponsor a child at The Bell Center!!!

This is how the Mercedes Marathon started...it is an amazing story!

A Marathon of Love

It’s really a love story. The Mercedes Marathon, a test of endurance and determination, a goal that drives ordinary people to train for months, is really just a love story.A Marathon For Love

It’s a love story between a boy named Matt and his daddy named Paul.

Matt was born with Down syndrome thirteen years ago. But not only did he have Down syndrome, he also had the heart defect that often accompanies the diagnosis. A sick little boy, Matt required open heart surgery, and the whole idea frightened his parents, Paul and Cinna Sotherland.

Cinna vividly remembers being at UAB with Matt and Paul just before Matt was to have his open heart surgery. The family was standing at one of the big windows at the end of the hallway that looked out over the streets of downtown. Runners, competing in the Vulcan Marathon, were racing by, and Paul – who ran a little, just for exercise – looked down at his tiny son and made one promise. “You pull through this, Matt, and next year, Daddy will run a marathon for you,” Paul pledged.

Tough little Matt kept his end of the bargain, and Daddy began training. Together they tackled the challenges ahead: Matt’s challenges that come as a part of the Down syndrome diagnosis, and Paul’s determination to run 26.2 miles in honor of the son he so loves. During his training, Paul looked for guidance and motivation, and even good running shoes, from Valerie McLean, the owner of a Homewood running equipment shop. Paul did run the Vulcan Marathon the next year, and then kept on running, completing nineteen marathons and half marathons too numerous to count. But it was really Valerie who took the inspiration from Paul and Matt.

She helped organize a half-marathon to benefit The Early Intervention Program (now The Bell Center), the place where Cinna and Paul brought Matt to receive critical therapies, and over the next five years, the Freeze Your Half Off Half Marathon grew into a first-class event. Valerie knew it was time to take the event to a greater level, and in 2002 transformed the Freeze Your Half Off into the Mercedes Marathon and Half Marathon. Proceeds from the event are given annually to just two charities that provide services to children, one of which is The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs.

In 2003, The Bell Center organized its first Partners in Training (PIT) group which provided experienced coaching for runners and walkers who agreed to raise funds for The Bell Center. In its first year, PIT included 45 runners and walkers who raised more than $80,000 for The Bell Center. In 2004 and then again in 2005, more than 120 participants raised more than $200,000 for the Center, important funding which has allowed the program to add more staff to serve more children who come to the Center in need of critical early intervention therapies.

All of that is important, but it really is just a love story. Just watch. Each year, Paul runs – for Matt – and each year, they’re together at the finish line.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rain rain...go away!

Have I mentioned that I hate it raining? I am just looking outside my window and I think to myself, is it ever going to stop? How on earth am I going to be able to train when it's raining in the mornings and dark by the time I get home from work? I don't have a gym membership so outside is the only way I can do it! Also, I am not a person who is able to run on the treadmill...so I only have one option! I've been thinking about this whole half marathon thing, and I am trying to decide what my time will be in the race. My Nashville half marathon was 2:20:51 which beat my goal of 2:25, but this time I need to step it up a notch...but the way my training is going, I'll be lucky to make it 2:25. Next week is my first official week to get into it...I'll be training with a group! The first time was completely by myself, so I think it will be fun running with a group. I don't know, if you're a runner tell me what you think...do you like running alone or with a group? I would love to get some feedback!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Well I'm officially back running

After I had a couple of days feeling bad, I realized I really started to train more for the 1/2 marathon I've got coming up in a couple of months! Yesterday, I decided to do the 5.5 mile run like I did earlier on in the week. If any of you know Birmingham, it's the "Village Run" I like to call it...you run through English Village, Crestline, and then end up in Mountain Brook Village! Well...this time didn't go as planned. I was just starting off and I think I sprained my ankle! It is swollen and starting to bruise today! That stinks because I really wanted to run the Vulcan 10K this weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I feel like crap...

(Cody sleeping in back of Nick's truck on the way to Auburn)

Of course I had a VERY eventful day...woke up and ran 5.5 miles at 5:30, but y'all don't understand...I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. It was actually soooo much fun! I ran into at least six people that I knew. Nick and I have decided to run the Mercedes Half Marathon!!! I can't believe it will be my second one to run! Just last week, I was cursing at myself for quitting running because it was like I had to start FROM SCRATCH!!! My secret confession is also that I was bought (THREE Designer Jeans that are two sizes too small last winter)...so I have major motivation. I knew I had to take the chance if Nick was even considering doing a half. I am so excited to finally get a little motivation back...that is until I started to feel like crap last night. I already got ourselves two z-packs. I can't afford to go back to work sick and knock me out of my routine.
I had to also post some adorable picks of my two nephews, the Bumble Bee and Pumpkin:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Internet...at last...I can get back to "work"

Well...I can get back to blogging! After leaving work to meet a prospect...went to Jr. League...came home and ate tetrazini tonight with left over green beans. For some of you who don't know me...I have every intention on eating leftovers, but then they end up going bad...that is why I came up with this solution: FREEZE THE OTHER HALF...then it makes it easy when I really don't have time to cook and just pop on DEFROST! Well, I have to say was the first day I enjoyed running! I am glad that I decided to get back in the swing of things!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My first award!

Thanks http://shortsouthernmomma.blogspot.com/
for giving me my first award! I have had a blast learning about blogs and blogging my crazy life, it's just such an honor to know that people look at my blog!
Thank you again Short Southern Momma!!!

I'm sorry I am soooo behind

Ever since I have been moving models, I have had no phone or internet...and barely internet on my apple! Let me do a recap on my life in the past two weeks...
  • Cody is growing by the second
  • Had a BIG FAMILY b'day party for little bro at PF Changs...if you were there you would have seen the 2 foot deep amount of food that Charlie had under him!
  • Cody's "tumble weeds" drive me crazy and I am always cleaning floor
  • Work has been slow, but I do have closings coming up
  • Cleaned my house for about 8 hours last week on my day off
  • Had great playdates with Mason (Brad and Candace's golden), Liberty and Yeagar- had some incredible Santa Fe soup at Yeager's mom, Jean
  • Nick and I decided to do the Mercedes Half Marathon in Feb. 2010
  • Started training (if you want to know about my first one this year in nashville...check out http://chrissyandellenmarathontraining.blogspot.com
  • I might have died doing my first mile and set of crunches
  • Ran 2.2 miles today...pretty impressed after I almost DIED running two days ago after 0.9 MILES...wow, I'm out of shape!
  • Now that I have announced it in blogworld, you will hear about me talk more about some trainings and maybe even add pics of us! Go check out my old blog, it was my new years resolution to complete a half marathon.
  • We have worked out for the past two days and it is fun actually getting to run with someone else...I have to admit, I want to beat him but I am so proud of him actually participating in a half marathon!
  • Keep your fingers crossed, I should be getting hooked up on the internet in my new model/office TOMORROW...TOMORROW...I LOVE YOU...TOMORROW
  • Tom and I might kill each other without having any internet!
  • Planning one of my bestest girlfriends- CHRISSY'S shower at my house!!! Yes, I know that it isn't until Jan. 30th, but I figured we should get a head start with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up...before we know it, it would be 2010!!!
  • Got to see a lot of highschool friends (b/c I had to pick up hubby passed out on chair)...he was that guy! It was great seeing all of them!
  • About to eat leftover tetrazinni (we freeze leftovers, b/c we won't eat them more than two days in a row...if lucky)
  • Excited to go to Auburn and see Ole Miss (nervous...) but of course, I will use it as a social scene
Well, theres my life in a nutshell...can't wait to add some pics of everyone! I have to catch up on all my blogs
Bye y'all

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Exhausted!

I'm sorry that my blogging has been so horrible lately! It has been another crazy week. Being a provisional in Jr. League, I feel like I am always in meetings! My partner sold our model while on my day off last week, which means...yes I get to move models again! I'm starting to get used to the whole moving thing...but I am just tired! Meanwhile, Cody is getting bigger by the day!
I have to admit that my husband was soooo sweet and bought me flowers ("for being nice") and made breakfast in bed for me! I do have to remember that I am a lucky gal! I totally meant to CONGRAT my hubby for getting a new job! YAY!!! I'm so proud of him! Well I can't wait to get to go back down to Auburn for the Kentucky game! We better step it up! Has anyone else gotten to go see the new dorms? They are AMAZING! I wish I was still in EK and live there...the good ole days...living on the hall!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where have I been?

Wow, it has been a long time since I blogged! I am still recouperating from Whitney's BEAUTIFUL wedding. I still can't get over that Tiff made ALL OF THE FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS AND BOUQUETS!!! They were absolutely beautiful! I was over at Whit's house "observing and directing" her talent. Here is an example of what one of the bouquets looked like:

Tiff made every bouquet and all of the flower arrangements! Kudos to her!

Last weekend was just such a special weekend, not only was one of my best friends getting married, but it was one of the first time all the girls were at the same place (maybe since my wedding...back in March of 2008). I had never been to Mount Cheahaw, but God was looking down on Whit that day to keep it looking beautiful...not a cloud in the sky. My girlfriends flew from Richmond, drove from Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, etc. to see Whitney and Shane get married! We are truly blessed to have this close knit group of friends!!! I'm still waiting on them to send some pics but I had to show you the picture of baby Gates. It was our first time to meet him, and let me say...Michelle and Chris are naturals! In this picture you will see Gates's crazy hair and his little mittens (so he won't scratch his face):
Every time I was holding him my mom would say "You look like a natural"...does that mean a hint?
This wedding was small with close friends and family, and Whitney looked absolutely beautiful!

Monday, September 28, 2009

So Much to catch up on!!!

I have not had a chance to recap everything since last week. I met with an old high school bud, Rebecca with her precious son, Raughley. Cody has never gone on a walk with a stroller, so he was just chasing it around.
I babysat Parker and he took Cody to the Park. They were having so much fun. Too bad it started raining, and we had to get the hubby to pick us up!

I still am in shock that Michelle is a mommy! I didn't get to talk to her in person until THURSDAY! She is super hero- turns out she had NO PAINKILLERS AT ALL!!!

Whitney's wedding will be here this weekend. I've got a busy week! My hubby has been amazing organizing the garage and we have cleaned out soooooooooooo many closets. I don't know how we have already accumulated so much STUFF! All the girls will be in town so we know that this is going to be a party showdown. Realizing that I'm in the wedding, I decided TONIGHT would be a good time to start working out my arms. I'm sure they'll be Jennifer Annistonish by Saturday! I can't wait!!!

I am exhausted and about to hit the sack!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I won a giveaway!!!

I actually won something! This is the first for me! I love it! Thanks so much Sweet Tea Diaries!!!
Go check out her website!'

Sweet Tea Diaries

EGM from From Green to Miles - please read post below and contact me with your choice of towel color and personalization!!

I really enjoyed working with Alison on my recent giveaway, and she was so happy to have gained some new followers! Here's the e-mail she sent me:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charlotte's 50th B'day

After I got Char her favorite sushi (Crunch Crunch)...Misty and I surprised her with a birthday cake! It was delicious!!! Yellow Cake and chocolate icing...my hubby's fovorite!!! We had a blast singing out "Happy Birthday"with no key whatsoever...if only you knew how bad I actually sing! I meant to post this yesterday but wanted to give Charlotte a shout out...she's funny, sexy, and sassy...all rolled up in one!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Gates made it on time!

Born on his actual due date: 9/21/09 around 11:30 p.m.

So I guess that the ATL urban myth still holds its truth! I am so proud of Michelle and Chris! Everything happened within TWO HOURS...starting from their house! By the time she got to the hospital it was too late for her to get an epidural!!! What a champ...when I saw the picture of the three of them, I actually cried! This is one of my best friends have the first baby of the bunch. My hubby and I send them our love!!! I can't wait to me Mr. Gates!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a week!

Week and weekend recap
  • Met Baby Emma for the first time this week
  • Drove to ATL on my off days to visit Michelle for the last time before Baby Gates arrives
  • Got a speeding ticket while driving like hell to make it to Auburn
  • Went to Supper Club
  • Drove to my sis's lake house to take shower to get ready for work
  • Drove straight to work (a lot slower)

Baby Gates is almost here!!!

How cute is Michelle's baby bump!!! I was so excited to get to drive and see her one last time before she pops!!! I still can't believe her due date is tomorrow!!! So...apparantly...she went to some famous restaurant last night to eat there Eggplant Parmesan. Its an ATL urban myth...but its supposed to put you into labor...I haven't heard any calls yet!!! We made manicotti to freeze and got the last things off her registry at Babies 'R Us. She is determined to have this baby ASAP, because she is the Matron of Honor in Whit's wedding on October 3rd!!! I can't wait to meet Baby Gates!

How cute is Baby Gates nursery! First off, I have to hand it to her mom for making those amazing curtains...there a total of four!!! I love how she got the idea to get her doggies stenciled above the crib! It is simple but personal at the same time! I tried to take pictures of that amazing quilt Mrs. Southern Bride made for her! Georgia Tech and Auburn!!!

She did an incredible job on the whole room! We can't wait to Baby Gates!!!

War Eagle!!!

This is a picture that I took literally with 4 minutes left to go. It was one of the most amazing games that I have ever been in!!! It was raining so hard that we were running through RIVERS!!! My hubby and I thought we were being smart by "waiting out the rain" and running from tent to tent. By the time we thought the first quarter should have started we noticed that everyone was packed in the concession and ramps like sardines! Imagine 87,451 people in that!!! It totally made the game worth it! We had so much fun. The game didn't even start until 8:00 (it was supposed to start at 6:45). After it ended, we met up with Meg and Taylor at the Raine's tailgate. After that, I got the bright idea to go to the Supper Club...remember that is never a good idea. Well I have to say that my body aches all over...I can't do it like when I was 21! What a week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Emma!

How cute is she! Baby Emma was born yesterday and I have to say she was just one cutie pie. I went to go visit the proud parents...this is just a glimpse of how crazy (some would say blonde) my life is...ok, got Cody to pee...yay...put him in crate...check...backing out of garage...check kind-of. I noticed that my car was taking a while to back out...then i realized I knocked over one of my husband's precious and hand-made "cornhole board"...i kept reversing and realized my tire was wound up with some electrical wire...i guess he was using for something...after about 15 mins of figuring out how to get my car unwound...i would be off to the hospital....so I thought... Okay, was going downtown and then looked at my text message and realized I was going to wrong hospital! Made a turnaround...and headed to the right one. In between this, I had forgot the special cigar my husband asked me to give proud daddy. Well, it was the least to do to turn around and get it...only because I have the most amazing husband in the world get me a "E" burpcloth. I actually sent him into a boutique and said "just get a "e" burpcloth..." (Keep in mind he has been around our two nephews since they were born...so he actually knows what a burpcloth is)...HE DID AND IT WAS EVEN WRAPPED SO NICELY! Back to trip to correct hospital...I parked in the wrong deck...couldn't find the baby section (can you tell that I don't have that many friends my age with babies) ran through a maze...and finally about 45 minutes later...I got to meet EMMA! It was all worth me getting to meet her and seeing her proud mommy and daddy! They told me that she was a drama queen just like her momma!
Now the ironic thing is that I'm visiting Michelle tomorrow who is due any day with Baby Gates.
She is very crafty so I can't wait to see her nursery. Sweet September Babies!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taylor Swift is another southern belle

After I'm sure that everyone heard about the KANYE incident, it just amazing me that Taylor Swift was able to put on that amazing live performance going through the subway FIVE minutes after he stole her thunder. This is a clip from The View...what did y'all think about that? HOW RUDE!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Sunday dinner

This is what our Fish Taco Night looked liked tonight. I got all of these recipes from vintagevictuals.blogspot.com

Fish Taco before it's "dressed"

My husband and I love this cream cheese salsa

You can't make Fish tacos without good 'ole guacamole!
We had a great dinner and I wouldn't not been able to think of these recipes if I didn't give a shout out to:

Rural development....20 mins. outside from where I live

  • Look how cute these little goats are...they're only about 2 blocks from where I sell homes. Yes, you can get a USDA Rural Development 100% financing loan! How exciting :)
  • Ready to go home and rent a movie
  • Is excited to see my PREGGER friend next week...posting pics of nursury!
  • Sad to missing Whit's shower b/c of work
  • Pumped about reading some Eleventh Victim when I go to bed!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Southern Lady Celebration"

What it means to grow up in the south...that is a question I got from http://etiquettewithmissjanice.blogspot.com/
Align Center
  • I just love the people in the South. I have to admit I think some of the prettiest and refined women come from the South. Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox Arquette (went to my high school), Julia Roberts, Molly Sims...the list could go on and on.
  • We like a shaggier cut, we're not that into gel in men's hair
  • We couldn't even finish a sentence talking without saying the word, "y'all"
  • Speaking from just me...I LOVE to do plan parties and get togethers with my girlfriends, married friends, and family
  • I have to always make fun on my OUTGOING husband...I tell him that we can't get off the elevator without not knowing where and what they do, live, like, see my drift. When we went to NYC for a trip before we got married...the elevator convo didn't go over so well like it would down South.
  • I couldn't imagine not having Bar-b-que EVER...no matter what time of year.
  • Growing up going to football games
  • Always willing to help a friend no matter what inconvenience it has on you at the time.
  • My mom made me pick out my silver pattern, china, and crystal when I was 18.
I ended up changing my mind...and going with Old Maryland Engraved

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11th...

This day will always be for all the ones who lost their lives, families, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends...we will always remember:

We shall never forget, and remember why we have brave troops overseas protecting us and risking their own lives.

I will never forget that vivid day of my freshmen year in college. My roommate and I were dead asleep and had our dorm phone ring...ring...ring.. then the answering machine finally picked up...it was a message from my dad:
my dad said: "Wake up there has been a catastrophe...we've been attacked!" I jumped to the phone and then that started my whole day of shock and disbelief that this was happening to our country. I was scared and confused.
What's crazy is that my mom had JUST left NYC days before. I just can't believe as it has been 8 years later.

We shall never forget
We shall keep this day,
We shall keep the events and the tears
In our minds, our memory and our hearts
and take them with us as we carry on.

What was your first memory of 9/11/01???
Send me your comments.

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