Sunday, November 22, 2009

ahhhh...another Rest day after 7 miles!!!

I am really beginning to love my rest days again! We ran 7.2 miles yesterday morning! It was an awesome run! I tried to keep up with Misty and Christie...but wow am I tired! After work yesterday, I went to my sister's to eat dinner with them and my two nephews!!! I had soooo much fun seeing Parker and Charlie...I picked up Charlie last night and said "Oh my gosh" and he says "Oh my gosh!!!" It was the funniest thing I heard...and of course we left something Cody's that just means that I got EXTRA time to play with them again this morning. This is one of the pictures that I took:

After that, Cody and I went on a walk...he is getting sooooo big! Whenever there is humidity, he ears crimp up like we used an '80s crimper!!!

We were walking and this is a picture of a new neighborhood (right behind our house) of their common area! How nice is this...the fire pit, pond, chimney...seriously!

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