Thursday, December 15, 2011


Of course Cole didn't smile at Santa but I will say that he was very intrigued by him.  He didn't understnand why I was putting him on this random guys lap.  As I am pulling up to Bass Pro Shop (Santa's workshop) and getting Cole out of the car...I realize that he has on one shoe!  It is so typical of me to get all the way to the parking lot realizing my poor child just has on one shoe!  Oh gives our pictures character and helps us remember our Santa trip!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cole's first haircut!

Okay, so my child has been having some seriously ragged bangs for a while but I couldn't bear the fact to have someone cut off his curls.  I'm scared to death they won't come we got a trim.  It was an expensive trim but I got pictures!

It cracks me up that this baby is in a poker cape (whatever they are called)'s hard to tell in the pictures but you can actually tell that he doesn't have the aweful split ends.  You can see that Cole just sits while he gets his haircut, I don't think he is all that impressed at the end!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cole's first birthday!

I can't believe his first birthday was November 8th!  These are pictures from his birthday party!  We had a sock monkey theme.  We had his birthday party at Overton Park.  It couldn't not have been a more perfect day to have a party! 
Cole went to town on his "smash" cake!  We all had so much fun!!!

Lassiter and Cole are best friends!

It's crazy that my sweet little baby is a little toddler now! 

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