Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Xmas

I like to take pictures in his glider so we can see how big he is getting!

Christmas 2010

Here is one of the many outfits our sweet boy wore for Christmas. Santa was very good to him!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Cole's very first holiday, Thanksgiving 2010. Here are some pictures that I took while we were at the Miles' house for the holiday.

It's scary how much Cole's eye shape matches Nick and his great-grandad! 4 generations is pretty cool:
Daniel Green Miles "Grandad"
Daniel Greene Miles, jr. "Grandaddy"
Nicholas Daniel Miles "Daddy"
Nicholas Daniel Miles, jr. "Cole"
It is just a crazy coincidence that Green is Nick's father and grandfather's middle name. Too bad it isn't spelled like my maiden name, Greene!

First month

As I said earlier...I am going to fly through Cole's first months so I can start getting up to date! I love the picture to my left of my two favorite boys! Cole loved to be swaddled and Nick was so helpful while I was recovering from my C-sec.

One of many pics of Laura, Lassiter, Cole and me!
Lassiter and Cole are bound to be best friends. That is my nephew who is only 9 weeks older than Cole. I remember when I took that picture and I couldn't get ever how much bigger Lassiter looked. Well when I was with them this past weekend (Easter), Cole weighs 16.5 lbs. and Lassiter weighs 16 lbs! They are so sweet together!!!

Our first Auburn game to watch as a whole family!!!! Cole was decked out in the sweetest Auburn gown. We played Georgia. Nick hated to sell his tickets, but he knew what was more important :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our first family pics

I am going to try to work on major catch up with my blog. Family and friends have been on to me for not updating my blog. Let me start from November 8, 2010 when my sweet boy Cole was born. He was born via emergency c-section. Poor little fella had his cord wrapped around his neck. Here are some of the first pictures of him on the 11/8/10. You can see that he came out with a major conehead. I was in labor from 8:00 pm until he was born at 12:08pm the following day. He was fighting to come out! I will be updating pictures and stories until we get up to date.

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