Monday, September 28, 2009

So Much to catch up on!!!

I have not had a chance to recap everything since last week. I met with an old high school bud, Rebecca with her precious son, Raughley. Cody has never gone on a walk with a stroller, so he was just chasing it around.
I babysat Parker and he took Cody to the Park. They were having so much fun. Too bad it started raining, and we had to get the hubby to pick us up!

I still am in shock that Michelle is a mommy! I didn't get to talk to her in person until THURSDAY! She is super hero- turns out she had NO PAINKILLERS AT ALL!!!

Whitney's wedding will be here this weekend. I've got a busy week! My hubby has been amazing organizing the garage and we have cleaned out soooooooooooo many closets. I don't know how we have already accumulated so much STUFF! All the girls will be in town so we know that this is going to be a party showdown. Realizing that I'm in the wedding, I decided TONIGHT would be a good time to start working out my arms. I'm sure they'll be Jennifer Annistonish by Saturday! I can't wait!!!

I am exhausted and about to hit the sack!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I won a giveaway!!!

I actually won something! This is the first for me! I love it! Thanks so much Sweet Tea Diaries!!!
Go check out her website!'

Sweet Tea Diaries

EGM from From Green to Miles - please read post below and contact me with your choice of towel color and personalization!!

I really enjoyed working with Alison on my recent giveaway, and she was so happy to have gained some new followers! Here's the e-mail she sent me:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charlotte's 50th B'day

After I got Char her favorite sushi (Crunch Crunch)...Misty and I surprised her with a birthday cake! It was delicious!!! Yellow Cake and chocolate hubby's fovorite!!! We had a blast singing out "Happy Birthday"with no key whatsoever...if only you knew how bad I actually sing! I meant to post this yesterday but wanted to give Charlotte a shout out...she's funny, sexy, and sassy...all rolled up in one!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Gates made it on time!

Born on his actual due date: 9/21/09 around 11:30 p.m.

So I guess that the ATL urban myth still holds its truth! I am so proud of Michelle and Chris! Everything happened within TWO HOURS...starting from their house! By the time she got to the hospital it was too late for her to get an epidural!!! What a champ...when I saw the picture of the three of them, I actually cried! This is one of my best friends have the first baby of the bunch. My hubby and I send them our love!!! I can't wait to me Mr. Gates!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a week!

Week and weekend recap
  • Met Baby Emma for the first time this week
  • Drove to ATL on my off days to visit Michelle for the last time before Baby Gates arrives
  • Got a speeding ticket while driving like hell to make it to Auburn
  • Went to Supper Club
  • Drove to my sis's lake house to take shower to get ready for work
  • Drove straight to work (a lot slower)

Baby Gates is almost here!!!

How cute is Michelle's baby bump!!! I was so excited to get to drive and see her one last time before she pops!!! I still can't believe her due date is tomorrow!!! So...apparantly...she went to some famous restaurant last night to eat there Eggplant Parmesan. Its an ATL urban myth...but its supposed to put you into labor...I haven't heard any calls yet!!! We made manicotti to freeze and got the last things off her registry at Babies 'R Us. She is determined to have this baby ASAP, because she is the Matron of Honor in Whit's wedding on October 3rd!!! I can't wait to meet Baby Gates!

How cute is Baby Gates nursery! First off, I have to hand it to her mom for making those amazing curtains...there a total of four!!! I love how she got the idea to get her doggies stenciled above the crib! It is simple but personal at the same time! I tried to take pictures of that amazing quilt Mrs. Southern Bride made for her! Georgia Tech and Auburn!!!

She did an incredible job on the whole room! We can't wait to Baby Gates!!!

War Eagle!!!

This is a picture that I took literally with 4 minutes left to go. It was one of the most amazing games that I have ever been in!!! It was raining so hard that we were running through RIVERS!!! My hubby and I thought we were being smart by "waiting out the rain" and running from tent to tent. By the time we thought the first quarter should have started we noticed that everyone was packed in the concession and ramps like sardines! Imagine 87,451 people in that!!! It totally made the game worth it! We had so much fun. The game didn't even start until 8:00 (it was supposed to start at 6:45). After it ended, we met up with Meg and Taylor at the Raine's tailgate. After that, I got the bright idea to go to the Supper Club...remember that is never a good idea. Well I have to say that my body aches all over...I can't do it like when I was 21! What a week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Emma!

How cute is she! Baby Emma was born yesterday and I have to say she was just one cutie pie. I went to go visit the proud parents...this is just a glimpse of how crazy (some would say blonde) my life is...ok, got Cody to pee...yay...put him in crate...check...backing out of garage...check kind-of. I noticed that my car was taking a while to back out...then i realized I knocked over one of my husband's precious and hand-made "cornhole board"...i kept reversing and realized my tire was wound up with some electrical wire...i guess he was using for something...after about 15 mins of figuring out how to get my car unwound...i would be off to the I thought... Okay, was going downtown and then looked at my text message and realized I was going to wrong hospital! Made a turnaround...and headed to the right one. In between this, I had forgot the special cigar my husband asked me to give proud daddy. Well, it was the least to do to turn around and get it...only because I have the most amazing husband in the world get me a "E" burpcloth. I actually sent him into a boutique and said "just get a "e" burpcloth..." (Keep in mind he has been around our two nephews since they were he actually knows what a burpcloth is)...HE DID AND IT WAS EVEN WRAPPED SO NICELY! Back to trip to correct hospital...I parked in the wrong deck...couldn't find the baby section (can you tell that I don't have that many friends my age with babies) ran through a maze...and finally about 45 minutes later...I got to meet EMMA! It was all worth me getting to meet her and seeing her proud mommy and daddy! They told me that she was a drama queen just like her momma!
Now the ironic thing is that I'm visiting Michelle tomorrow who is due any day with Baby Gates.
She is very crafty so I can't wait to see her nursery. Sweet September Babies!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taylor Swift is another southern belle

After I'm sure that everyone heard about the KANYE incident, it just amazing me that Taylor Swift was able to put on that amazing live performance going through the subway FIVE minutes after he stole her thunder. This is a clip from The View...what did y'all think about that? HOW RUDE!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Sunday dinner

This is what our Fish Taco Night looked liked tonight. I got all of these recipes from

Fish Taco before it's "dressed"

My husband and I love this cream cheese salsa

You can't make Fish tacos without good 'ole guacamole!
We had a great dinner and I wouldn't not been able to think of these recipes if I didn't give a shout out to:

Rural development....20 mins. outside from where I live

  • Look how cute these little goats are...they're only about 2 blocks from where I sell homes. Yes, you can get a USDA Rural Development 100% financing loan! How exciting :)
  • Ready to go home and rent a movie
  • Is excited to see my PREGGER friend next week...posting pics of nursury!
  • Sad to missing Whit's shower b/c of work
  • Pumped about reading some Eleventh Victim when I go to bed!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Southern Lady Celebration"

What it means to grow up in the south...that is a question I got from
Align Center
  • I just love the people in the South. I have to admit I think some of the prettiest and refined women come from the South. Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox Arquette (went to my high school), Julia Roberts, Molly Sims...the list could go on and on.
  • We like a shaggier cut, we're not that into gel in men's hair
  • We couldn't even finish a sentence talking without saying the word, "y'all"
  • Speaking from just me...I LOVE to do plan parties and get togethers with my girlfriends, married friends, and family
  • I have to always make fun on my OUTGOING husband...I tell him that we can't get off the elevator without not knowing where and what they do, live, like, see my drift. When we went to NYC for a trip before we got married...the elevator convo didn't go over so well like it would down South.
  • I couldn't imagine not having Bar-b-que matter what time of year.
  • Growing up going to football games
  • Always willing to help a friend no matter what inconvenience it has on you at the time.
  • My mom made me pick out my silver pattern, china, and crystal when I was 18.
I ended up changing my mind...and going with Old Maryland Engraved

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11th...

This day will always be for all the ones who lost their lives, families, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends...we will always remember:

We shall never forget, and remember why we have brave troops overseas protecting us and risking their own lives.

I will never forget that vivid day of my freshmen year in college. My roommate and I were dead asleep and had our dorm phone ring...ring...ring.. then the answering machine finally picked was a message from my dad:
my dad said: "Wake up there has been a catastrophe...we've been attacked!" I jumped to the phone and then that started my whole day of shock and disbelief that this was happening to our country. I was scared and confused.
What's crazy is that my mom had JUST left NYC days before. I just can't believe as it has been 8 years later.

We shall never forget
We shall keep this day,
We shall keep the events and the tears
In our minds, our memory and our hearts
and take them with us as we carry on.

What was your first memory of 9/11/01???
Send me your comments.

Hard day yesterday...which deserves a drink!

This is what my mom's bestfriend calls "Condos" (otherwise known as Cosmos) have to know her to understand to her craziest to crack up.
After having a hellacious day of work (on my off day)...I met Tiff for Happy Hour after my closing finally happened.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend...lake, Auburn, shopping!

This weekend was so much fun! We first were able to go spend some time with the family at the Lake. I thought this picture was pretty cool because you can see that we are looking at this amazing sunset at Lake Martin!
This was pretty Cody his first "Lake" bath...kind of reminds you of a rat until he gets all fluffed up and dried! Doesn't seem to look very happy at all to be in this situation, but he did get to swim in the lake for the first time!

We are very fortunate enough to have season tickets (again!) on the 50 yard line! This is just a picture that I took from my cell to give you the actual view from our seats! We always love going to Auburn games and tailgating! I don't think it will ever get old!!! After coming home there was much more shopping that had to be done...I couldn't miss out on some good Labor Day sales...which I racked up big time. I'll send another post later on to show you some of the great deals that I found...I am not a bargain shopper (absolutely hate to scrimmage through clothes, but I found some amazing deals at Macy's)...a girl always likes to find a good sale!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So glad it's THURSDAY!

Ok, now that I am on my 9th day of work, I just have a couple more hours of work until Labor Day weekend. Going to spend tomorrow with my sister, brother-in-law, 2 nephews, and my hubby at Lake Martin tomorrow! yay!!!!!!!!! Then on Saturday...FIRST FOOTBALL GAME! I hope everyone has a safe a carefree weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is it only Tuesday?

Granted, I have been working seven days in a row (only 2 more days for a long 4 day weekend...), but I can't believe it's only Tuesday! I swear this has been the Tuesday from hell! I had a nice weekend writing contracts and attending weddings, but it seems like everyone that is either a homeowner, a manager, or loan officer has a bone to pick with me today! If there is anything I can say rule about real estate "IT NEVER GOES THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO GO...EVEN IF YOU WRITE A MILLION CONTRACTS...EVERY SINGLE ONE IS DIFFERENT!" Maybe, I'm just tired and cranky. I still cant believe it's September already! I am looking forward to going to my Alma mater and seeing the first football game of the season...then it's Labor Day. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like it should be the weekend?

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