Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Emma!

How cute is she! Baby Emma was born yesterday and I have to say she was just one cutie pie. I went to go visit the proud parents...this is just a glimpse of how crazy (some would say blonde) my life is...ok, got Cody to pee...yay...put him in crate...check...backing out of garage...check kind-of. I noticed that my car was taking a while to back out...then i realized I knocked over one of my husband's precious and hand-made "cornhole board"...i kept reversing and realized my tire was wound up with some electrical wire...i guess he was using for something...after about 15 mins of figuring out how to get my car unwound...i would be off to the I thought... Okay, was going downtown and then looked at my text message and realized I was going to wrong hospital! Made a turnaround...and headed to the right one. In between this, I had forgot the special cigar my husband asked me to give proud daddy. Well, it was the least to do to turn around and get it...only because I have the most amazing husband in the world get me a "E" burpcloth. I actually sent him into a boutique and said "just get a "e" burpcloth..." (Keep in mind he has been around our two nephews since they were he actually knows what a burpcloth is)...HE DID AND IT WAS EVEN WRAPPED SO NICELY! Back to trip to correct hospital...I parked in the wrong deck...couldn't find the baby section (can you tell that I don't have that many friends my age with babies) ran through a maze...and finally about 45 minutes later...I got to meet EMMA! It was all worth me getting to meet her and seeing her proud mommy and daddy! They told me that she was a drama queen just like her momma!
Now the ironic thing is that I'm visiting Michelle tomorrow who is due any day with Baby Gates.
She is very crafty so I can't wait to see her nursery. Sweet September Babies!

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