Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Isabelle's halo is off!

Christmas came early for Miss Isabelle. Yesterday afternoon I found out that she was great during surgury, and they were able to take off her halo! Christmas came early in the Smith household! I am so excited for her and Amanda! Nick and I are eating dinner for his dad's birthday tonight at Ocean...super excited to try it out! Then we have Christmas eve with his grandad at the farm in Alex City...eat, play dirty Santa, shoot guns, and be exhausted out of our mind by the time we make it back home! I can't wait for Christmas...it is honestly MY FAVORITE holiday! I love presents...hum, I wonder what Santa is going to bring me this year???

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What an AMAZING Saturday...starting off running 9 miles!!!

If I had to name my favorite Saturdays of the year...I would have to name yesterday on the top!!!
  1. Ran 9 miles!!! I'm so proud of myself, Nick, and Misty!!! Also, I'm so impressed that my friend, Christie, ran her first half marathon in 2:12!!! She kicks ass...actually we all do...it's seriously becoming a running "cult" ;)
  2. Ate at my FAVORITE restaurant (with Nick) ...if any of you know me that would be LA PAZ!!!! We ate an entire bowl of cheese dip...seriously, if you haven't had it...you need to try it...AMAZING!!!
  3. Came home and lounged around
  4. Wrapped some presents (could possibly be the fastest gift wrapper...SERIOUSLY)
  5. Took Cody for walk
  6. Lounged around some more
  7. Finally got around to taking shower
  8. Watched Keeping up with Kardashians (I hate to watch that show...but I can't help myself) in robe and heating pad
  9. Nick cooked amazing steaks for dinner
  10. I made him watch Enchanted with me (VERY CORNY BUT CUTE!)
  11. Went to Blockbuster to rent Public Enemies in Bed
SERIOUSLY, it was the most relaxing fun day I got to spend with Nick in a really long time. I'm always working on Saturdays, so it is very rare that we get to spend that much time together! Oh...and I made the BEST X-MAS PLAYLIST EVER that went on for an hour and a half!!! I was running all through downtown singing!!! I cherish these days that I get to spend with my family and NOT have an agenda on what or where we are supposed to be next!

I am really getting excited about the Mercedes Marathon!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know...I know...it's been forever since I've blogged...much to catch up on!

First off...a couple of weeks ago I went and visited the Dempseys!!! How prescious is Gates, he's getting so big! (Don't you love Aunt Ellen's new socks!!!!)
We had fun shopping out in the outlet! Just a quick trip to ATL and back!

I don't know...what do y'all think of my new way to just hang up a bunch of pictures. Got them at the Jr. League Market for cheap...I think it's cool...because it's the first thing you see when you walk in my bedroom...any comments?

***Isabelle update***
We are still under $2,000 and our goal is $5,000!!! We need y'alls help! This is a picture that I took of Amanda (Isabelle's mom) and Isabelle at The Bell Center's holiday party! Remember this place is totally NON-PROFIT and needs OUR help because everyday, children like Isabelle get turned away because of there lack of money!!! Please help Nick and myself sponsor Isabelle by visiting:

This is my good friend Casey, running for Emma Grace! How cute is she!!! Casey started running "couch to 5K" and look how far she has gotten! I run with her and she is doing awesome!!!

This is Rusty, one of the rehabilitation dogs! Isabelle tends to call Cody Rusty!!!

After my five mile run this morning, I took Cody on a walk and threw the ball in the neighborhood park...he got seriously muddy and I had to carry him into the house and give him a bath! Now he's such a fluffy thing!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Pretty Please Santa??? It's only over $450...it's not like we are in a downward spiral of a recession or anything...I've been a really good girl...We've already decorated our house and Christmas tree...Pretty please with sugar on top???
So, I have to get on the ball with taking our X-mas card picture this year...before I know it, X-mas will be over!!! I absolutely love this time of year...I'll post more pics of my house with decorations!!!

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