Sunday, December 20, 2009

What an AMAZING Saturday...starting off running 9 miles!!!

If I had to name my favorite Saturdays of the year...I would have to name yesterday on the top!!!
  1. Ran 9 miles!!! I'm so proud of myself, Nick, and Misty!!! Also, I'm so impressed that my friend, Christie, ran her first half marathon in 2:12!!! She kicks ass...actually we all's seriously becoming a running "cult" ;)
  2. Ate at my FAVORITE restaurant (with Nick) ...if any of you know me that would be LA PAZ!!!! We ate an entire bowl of cheese dip...seriously, if you haven't had need to try it...AMAZING!!!
  3. Came home and lounged around
  4. Wrapped some presents (could possibly be the fastest gift wrapper...SERIOUSLY)
  5. Took Cody for walk
  6. Lounged around some more
  7. Finally got around to taking shower
  8. Watched Keeping up with Kardashians (I hate to watch that show...but I can't help myself) in robe and heating pad
  9. Nick cooked amazing steaks for dinner
  10. I made him watch Enchanted with me (VERY CORNY BUT CUTE!)
  11. Went to Blockbuster to rent Public Enemies in Bed
SERIOUSLY, it was the most relaxing fun day I got to spend with Nick in a really long time. I'm always working on Saturdays, so it is very rare that we get to spend that much time together! Oh...and I made the BEST X-MAS PLAYLIST EVER that went on for an hour and a half!!! I was running all through downtown singing!!! I cherish these days that I get to spend with my family and NOT have an agenda on what or where we are supposed to be next!

I am really getting excited about the Mercedes Marathon!!!

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