Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 weeks preggers

I'm getting bigger and bigger by the day! I have to admit that it is a HOT SUMMER! I really don't have anything to gripe about because I have been blessed with an AMAZING and EASY pregnancy. My skin is starting to clear up, hormones are somewhat under if it can stay this easy during the third trimester. I've read that women always feel like their first pregnancies always seem the longest b/c by the time they are one their second, third, etc. they have all of their children keeping them so occupied. I do feel like this has been VERY long but the past few weeks have started to go by faster.
Last night when I was at my mom's house, my nephews both happened to be there. Parker is very intrigued with my pregnancy but everytime he sees me he runs up to my belly and kisses it and says "I love you Cole!" My sister and I want to cry everytime. It is the sweetest thing!
Cole kicks and "dances" all the time in my tummy. At first I could just feel him when I am laying down, but now it seems that I feel it a majority part of the day doing something. It is the craziest feeling to realize that you actually have a baby growing inside you. I still feel like I am in shock!
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24 weeks preggers

So this week I turned 28! I am very excited to say that Nick gave me the most amazing birthday gift EVER! My sweet husband surprised me and gave me a BEAUTIFUL chocolate glider and ottoman! To say the very least I was in total shock! My mom had all of the furniture painted and finished last week so Nick and I worked on cleaning out the nursery and thankfully we did not have to end up painting. Since I am behind on my blog, I will post pics on the next blog or two of all of our furniture. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family and baby Cole's room will be ready in no time. Nick's mom gave us our bedding, so I am waiting on getting it made and once that is in, the nursery will be close to being finished! YAY!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Name Revealing!

23 weeks preggers today~

So Nick and I have come up with a name and we've had it for a couple of weeks. I have been able to tell friends and family so now I can finally tell the blog world! Let's just back up a few steps...I am a VERY TRADITIONAL PERSON when it comes to names. I really wanted to name him after Nick, the only problem was that Nick didn't want a Nick Jr...Big Nick/Little Nick...or anything like that. So then I asked if we could call him Nicholas, again I got shot down by my husband because it was too long and it would eventually get shortened to Nick anyway. So Nick's full name is Nicholas Daniel Miles. I really didn't want to call him Daniel, Dan, or we were in a little bit of a predicament. My sister's friend had suggested the name "Cole" for Nicholas. I immediately fell in love with it but had to see what Nick thought. After he thought about it a couple of days he called me at work and said..."I really like Cole." So I am getting the traditional part, Nicholas Daniel Miles, jr...with a little twist.
So our son will go by Cole Miles!!! I'm really excited that we both love the name and that he is getting his son named after him! Naming a child is a BIG DEAL!!! But Cole is perfect for us!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

22 weeks preggers

So I took this tonight...I know this is a really bad picture but I was getting onto Nick about taking it. I am getting really bad about posting all of my pictures. I went to the doctor today and I've decided that I get depressed every time I leave! I was told that I gained 6 POUNDS in 4 Weeks! Seriously??? I really am getting tired of seeing the scale go up and up...but I do understand that I have baby in belly!
Tonight was my second time to do prenatal yoga and I have to say, I'm REALLY enjoying it! Its just so relaxing but I feel like I'm burning calories at the same time! It's really starting to be "fun" being pregnant because I am able to feel him move ALL THE TIME. It is just such an amazing feeling!!! I love feeling him kick and jump around. Being a first mommy I just had no idea how much I would already feel connected to my little fella inside my belly!
Stay tuned to my next post where I will be announcing his name!

21 weeks preggers

Nick and I took this picture in the middle of Wally World on our way to the lake before 4th of July weekend. I was showing that baby Miles is approximately the length of a carrot! Baby bump is definitely starting to show!

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