Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Name Revealing!

23 weeks preggers today~

So Nick and I have come up with a name and we've had it for a couple of weeks. I have been able to tell friends and family so now I can finally tell the blog world! Let's just back up a few steps...I am a VERY TRADITIONAL PERSON when it comes to names. I really wanted to name him after Nick, the only problem was that Nick didn't want a Nick Jr...Big Nick/Little Nick...or anything like that. So then I asked if we could call him Nicholas, again I got shot down by my husband because it was too long and it would eventually get shortened to Nick anyway. So Nick's full name is Nicholas Daniel Miles. I really didn't want to call him Daniel, Dan, or we were in a little bit of a predicament. My sister's friend had suggested the name "Cole" for Nicholas. I immediately fell in love with it but had to see what Nick thought. After he thought about it a couple of days he called me at work and said..."I really like Cole." So I am getting the traditional part, Nicholas Daniel Miles, jr...with a little twist.
So our son will go by Cole Miles!!! I'm really excited that we both love the name and that he is getting his son named after him! Naming a child is a BIG DEAL!!! But Cole is perfect for us!


  1. Aw, I love it!!! I never would have thought of Cole for Nicholas, so sweet. Perfect name! And you are looking fabulous as could be. Love the baby bump!

  2. LOVE the name! (and mad I found out on the blog tee hee). you look adorable. let's talk soon!


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