Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new temp job...

Ok...when I said times were tough, I meant it! This is me taking a picture of myself while I've become a temporary Receptionists.

I do not do 8-5 nor do I think I can ever do 8-5; everyday is sooooo long! so many people around the country...need the extra money, so I've buckled down to work 8-5 for 3-5 weeks while doing Real Estate on the side.

The thing is my only job is to answer phones and they come far and between so I get to sit here looking pretty every day telling everyone I am not the new girl, just the temp!

Well to catch up with everyone, we have met over our Bell Center goal!!! We have gotten over $2,600 but that still doesn't mean that we stop there...I want $5,000...I knew it would be hard to reach but we have just trained to dang hard not to get at least another $1,000 within ONE month. Can you believe it is only one month away?

Nick and I ran the Red Nose Run last weekend (10 miles with a 1 mile warm up) and let me just say it was coooooooooooooooooooooold! I was so proud of Nick, he finished 20 seconds before me! Here's my results:

1:38:33 9:52 (I was just so happy that I was running at an average pace under 10 min miles)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow...its been forever...I know!

Okay...before anyone thinks I've dropped off the face of the earth...give me a little break. MY COMPUTER CRASHED!!! So yes, i know...I've been a little absent from the blogging world so let me start from where I stopped off:

Isabelle got her halo off before Xmas! Nick and I went over to see her and her mom before Xmas eve to give her another Elmo (I'm sure her mom might want to kill us with the singing Elmo). When we went to visit her, she looked great! We were told by her that we are not allowed to sing...I'm really starting to get used to being bossed by people under the age of 3 1/2 (aka Parker)

Xmas- AMAZING! I got a new hot pink camera (this has become a tradition for the past couple of years...whether its Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas's...I just tend to lose cameras...well, actually I tend to lose gets quite bothersome but thankfully I have a husband that somehow remembers everything (with the exception of cameras)... Thanks Nick! I also got tons of clothes, shoes, pictures, toys, etc...I think the best part of it all was that I got to have 5 days in row off and enjoy Christmas and then get to clean up after Christmas!!! I guess it shows that you're getting old when you get excited to do spring cleaning for two days straight...I mean baseboards and everything! I know...its sad, but wow was my house clean for all about a its back to normal with the exception of clean baseboards!
New Years- I had a nice relaxing weekend at the lake with the fam and friends! Kicked off the New Year with fireworks and saying GOODBYE 2009...HELLO 2010! Praying that the black eyed peas that we ate will give us good luck!!!

I now get to play "mommy" until Saturday watching Parker and Charlie while my sister and brother-in-law head to Pasadena to watch Alabama play for the National Championship tomorrow night!

Did I mention that I get to run a 10 mile race in single digit weather? I mean...seriously, when did the state of Alabama get so cold? I really don't remember it ever being this cold growing warming my ass! Now, if it could actually snow that would start my year off right!

My little puppy is not so little anymore...just shy under 50 more Charmin puppy running around which makes me sad but he is getting to be such a beautiful dog!!!

Now...if I can make it with the two boys, my husband, Cody, and their two dogs for the next couple of days...I'd say I'm doing good!!! I will download new pics of Isabelle (on my sis's computer...the only way I am able to blog right sad)

We have already raised over $2,500 for the Bell Center! Please help us...we only have one more month to raise money for such an amazing organization!!!

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