Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new temp job...

Ok...when I said times were tough, I meant it! This is me taking a picture of myself while I've become a temporary Receptionists.

I do not do 8-5 nor do I think I can ever do 8-5; everyday is sooooo long! so many people around the country...need the extra money, so I've buckled down to work 8-5 for 3-5 weeks while doing Real Estate on the side.

The thing is my only job is to answer phones and they come far and between so I get to sit here looking pretty every day telling everyone I am not the new girl, just the temp!

Well to catch up with everyone, we have met over our Bell Center goal!!! We have gotten over $2,600 but that still doesn't mean that we stop there...I want $5,000...I knew it would be hard to reach but we have just trained to dang hard not to get at least another $1,000 within ONE month. Can you believe it is only one month away?

Nick and I ran the Red Nose Run last weekend (10 miles with a 1 mile warm up) and let me just say it was coooooooooooooooooooooold! I was so proud of Nick, he finished 20 seconds before me! Here's my results:

1:38:33 9:52 (I was just so happy that I was running at an average pace under 10 min miles)

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