Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Internet...at last...I can get back to "work"

Well...I can get back to blogging! After leaving work to meet a prospect...went to Jr. League...came home and ate tetrazini tonight with left over green beans. For some of you who don't know me...I have every intention on eating leftovers, but then they end up going bad...that is why I came up with this solution: FREEZE THE OTHER HALF...then it makes it easy when I really don't have time to cook and just pop on DEFROST! Well, I have to say was the first day I enjoyed running! I am glad that I decided to get back in the swing of things!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My first award!

Thanks http://shortsouthernmomma.blogspot.com/
for giving me my first award! I have had a blast learning about blogs and blogging my crazy life, it's just such an honor to know that people look at my blog!
Thank you again Short Southern Momma!!!

I'm sorry I am soooo behind

Ever since I have been moving models, I have had no phone or internet...and barely internet on my apple! Let me do a recap on my life in the past two weeks...
  • Cody is growing by the second
  • Had a BIG FAMILY b'day party for little bro at PF Changs...if you were there you would have seen the 2 foot deep amount of food that Charlie had under him!
  • Cody's "tumble weeds" drive me crazy and I am always cleaning floor
  • Work has been slow, but I do have closings coming up
  • Cleaned my house for about 8 hours last week on my day off
  • Had great playdates with Mason (Brad and Candace's golden), Liberty and Yeagar- had some incredible Santa Fe soup at Yeager's mom, Jean
  • Nick and I decided to do the Mercedes Half Marathon in Feb. 2010
  • Started training (if you want to know about my first one this year in nashville...check out http://chrissyandellenmarathontraining.blogspot.com
  • I might have died doing my first mile and set of crunches
  • Ran 2.2 miles today...pretty impressed after I almost DIED running two days ago after 0.9 MILES...wow, I'm out of shape!
  • Now that I have announced it in blogworld, you will hear about me talk more about some trainings and maybe even add pics of us! Go check out my old blog, it was my new years resolution to complete a half marathon.
  • We have worked out for the past two days and it is fun actually getting to run with someone else...I have to admit, I want to beat him but I am so proud of him actually participating in a half marathon!
  • Keep your fingers crossed, I should be getting hooked up on the internet in my new model/office TOMORROW...TOMORROW...I LOVE YOU...TOMORROW
  • Tom and I might kill each other without having any internet!
  • Planning one of my bestest girlfriends- CHRISSY'S shower at my house!!! Yes, I know that it isn't until Jan. 30th, but I figured we should get a head start with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up...before we know it, it would be 2010!!!
  • Got to see a lot of highschool friends (b/c I had to pick up hubby passed out on chair)...he was that guy! It was great seeing all of them!
  • About to eat leftover tetrazinni (we freeze leftovers, b/c we won't eat them more than two days in a row...if lucky)
  • Excited to go to Auburn and see Ole Miss (nervous...) but of course, I will use it as a social scene
Well, theres my life in a nutshell...can't wait to add some pics of everyone! I have to catch up on all my blogs
Bye y'all

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Exhausted!

I'm sorry that my blogging has been so horrible lately! It has been another crazy week. Being a provisional in Jr. League, I feel like I am always in meetings! My partner sold our model while on my day off last week, which means...yes I get to move models again! I'm starting to get used to the whole moving thing...but I am just tired! Meanwhile, Cody is getting bigger by the day!
I have to admit that my husband was soooo sweet and bought me flowers ("for being nice") and made breakfast in bed for me! I do have to remember that I am a lucky gal! I totally meant to CONGRAT my hubby for getting a new job! YAY!!! I'm so proud of him! Well I can't wait to get to go back down to Auburn for the Kentucky game! We better step it up! Has anyone else gotten to go see the new dorms? They are AMAZING! I wish I was still in EK and live there...the good ole days...living on the hall!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where have I been?

Wow, it has been a long time since I blogged! I am still recouperating from Whitney's BEAUTIFUL wedding. I still can't get over that Tiff made ALL OF THE FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS AND BOUQUETS!!! They were absolutely beautiful! I was over at Whit's house "observing and directing" her talent. Here is an example of what one of the bouquets looked like:

Tiff made every bouquet and all of the flower arrangements! Kudos to her!

Last weekend was just such a special weekend, not only was one of my best friends getting married, but it was one of the first time all the girls were at the same place (maybe since my wedding...back in March of 2008). I had never been to Mount Cheahaw, but God was looking down on Whit that day to keep it looking beautiful...not a cloud in the sky. My girlfriends flew from Richmond, drove from Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, etc. to see Whitney and Shane get married! We are truly blessed to have this close knit group of friends!!! I'm still waiting on them to send some pics but I had to show you the picture of baby Gates. It was our first time to meet him, and let me say...Michelle and Chris are naturals! In this picture you will see Gates's crazy hair and his little mittens (so he won't scratch his face):
Every time I was holding him my mom would say "You look like a natural"...does that mean a hint?
This wedding was small with close friends and family, and Whitney looked absolutely beautiful!

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