Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 weeks preggers

I'm getting bigger and bigger by the day! I have to admit that it is a HOT SUMMER! I really don't have anything to gripe about because I have been blessed with an AMAZING and EASY pregnancy. My skin is starting to clear up, hormones are somewhat under if it can stay this easy during the third trimester. I've read that women always feel like their first pregnancies always seem the longest b/c by the time they are one their second, third, etc. they have all of their children keeping them so occupied. I do feel like this has been VERY long but the past few weeks have started to go by faster.
Last night when I was at my mom's house, my nephews both happened to be there. Parker is very intrigued with my pregnancy but everytime he sees me he runs up to my belly and kisses it and says "I love you Cole!" My sister and I want to cry everytime. It is the sweetest thing!
Cole kicks and "dances" all the time in my tummy. At first I could just feel him when I am laying down, but now it seems that I feel it a majority part of the day doing something. It is the craziest feeling to realize that you actually have a baby growing inside you. I still feel like I am in shock!
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