Thursday, August 12, 2010

26 weeks and Sea Island

This pic was taken inside the Cloister's lodge. Absolutely breathtaking!

The beaches in Sea Island were not anything comparable to the ones in the Gulf. The sand did not look the same but what was so amazing to me was the tide came up about 50-75 feet everyday so when you came out onto the beach it was so flat!

One thing that I also loved about Sea Island was that you were surrounded by nature! When some of the girls and I went on a walk down the beach we would find the most interesting little creatures! I picked up a live sand dollar! I am the fist to admit that I have never seen one alive! We also saw some fish and really really huge crabs! This would be a fantastic place to take a family!

Nick and I had the most fabulous time last weekend celebrating our friend's wedding at the Cloisters in Sea Island, Georgia. We left last week and took a quick stop for a late lunch in Savannah and ate at the famous Paula Dean's Lady and Son's restaurant. I was so hungry that I had filled my plate so high (not ever a good thing to do...going to a all you can eat buffet hungry and PREGNANT). I ate my first plate so fast I told Nick I was going for seconds...meanwhile, I look down at his plate and realize he hasn't even eaten HALF of it. I come back with my plate pretty full again and he looks at me and says, "Seriously?"
After moaning around Savannah trying to "walk it off" I decided it was too hot and we need to get back in the AC and meet our friends in Sea Island.

Tim and Nick were roommates our Junior year at Auburn (the year that we met). Nick and I actually lived in the same apartment complex and just lived across the pool from each other. Who knew that 7 years later we would be married with a baby boy on the way! These are just some pictures from the wedding reception!!! Jordan and Tim had one of the most beautiful weddings that I had ever been too. Granted it was in Sea Island (we felt like modern day Kennedy's) every detail was PERFECT! The first day we got there, Jordan was so sweet and ordered a cabana (with AC and BATHROOM) next to the pool. Nick and I felt that this was our last big adventure to take without Cole!
Wedding day picture with my favorite groomsmen!

I actually had this picture taken at the rehearsal dinner. It is one of my favorites! My baby bump is growing by the day and it is just soooo fascinating to me that I have an actual human being growing up inside me!

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