Monday, September 28, 2009

So Much to catch up on!!!

I have not had a chance to recap everything since last week. I met with an old high school bud, Rebecca with her precious son, Raughley. Cody has never gone on a walk with a stroller, so he was just chasing it around.
I babysat Parker and he took Cody to the Park. They were having so much fun. Too bad it started raining, and we had to get the hubby to pick us up!

I still am in shock that Michelle is a mommy! I didn't get to talk to her in person until THURSDAY! She is super hero- turns out she had NO PAINKILLERS AT ALL!!!

Whitney's wedding will be here this weekend. I've got a busy week! My hubby has been amazing organizing the garage and we have cleaned out soooooooooooo many closets. I don't know how we have already accumulated so much STUFF! All the girls will be in town so we know that this is going to be a party showdown. Realizing that I'm in the wedding, I decided TONIGHT would be a good time to start working out my arms. I'm sure they'll be Jennifer Annistonish by Saturday! I can't wait!!!

I am exhausted and about to hit the sack!

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