Monday, April 25, 2011

First month

As I said earlier...I am going to fly through Cole's first months so I can start getting up to date! I love the picture to my left of my two favorite boys! Cole loved to be swaddled and Nick was so helpful while I was recovering from my C-sec.

One of many pics of Laura, Lassiter, Cole and me!
Lassiter and Cole are bound to be best friends. That is my nephew who is only 9 weeks older than Cole. I remember when I took that picture and I couldn't get ever how much bigger Lassiter looked. Well when I was with them this past weekend (Easter), Cole weighs 16.5 lbs. and Lassiter weighs 16 lbs! They are so sweet together!!!

Our first Auburn game to watch as a whole family!!!! Cole was decked out in the sweetest Auburn gown. We played Georgia. Nick hated to sell his tickets, but he knew what was more important :)

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