Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rain rain...go away!

Have I mentioned that I hate it raining? I am just looking outside my window and I think to myself, is it ever going to stop? How on earth am I going to be able to train when it's raining in the mornings and dark by the time I get home from work? I don't have a gym membership so outside is the only way I can do it! Also, I am not a person who is able to run on the treadmill...so I only have one option! I've been thinking about this whole half marathon thing, and I am trying to decide what my time will be in the race. My Nashville half marathon was 2:20:51 which beat my goal of 2:25, but this time I need to step it up a notch...but the way my training is going, I'll be lucky to make it 2:25. Next week is my first official week to get into it...I'll be training with a group! The first time was completely by myself, so I think it will be fun running with a group. I don't know, if you're a runner tell me what you think...do you like running alone or with a group? I would love to get some feedback!

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