Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tomorrow is rest day!

Today was a jammed pack day for my off day! Cody and I started by going to the bank (one of his favorite things). This morning I got ready and went to meet Isabelle and Amanda at Homewood Park today...we strolled around with Isabelle telling "Co-deee come here!"...After that, we all strolled and got some food, then I got a rigged up iPhone and went to the Junior League Market! I got tons of X-mas presents for the family!!! After that, Nick and I met up with Danny (our coach) to do our group run! It was only four miles, but there was a BIG hill at the end! Can't wait for my walk with Rebecca and Raughley tomorrow! Nick and I are watching the new Star Trek (yay!!!) right now with iced up knees!

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