Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't you want to just eat him up!!!

I meant to add this onto my blog this past weekend, but I am having some iPhone technical, it did not help that I dropped it in a cosmopolitan and it's been in repair since Halloween weekend. Well, I did have my prescious iPhone for a total of ONE day last week...and I was able to snap a couple pics of Michelle's baby, Gates! I mean how cute is he!!! By the way, he is the best baby. He is welcome to stay at my house anytime :)
As for running, I was too lazy to get up this morning, but Nick and I have 3 miles to run after work. 3 miles actually doesn't sound bad after doing 5 and 6. I can't believe we are jumping up to 7 on Saturday!!! I am so honored to say that we have already received $639.30 on our fundraising website (w/in the past 12 hours!) I have even made it easier for all of you, and you can just click to the right and donate right on my blog! I know baby Gates will be cheering us on all the way from ATL!!!

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