Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For the record, I am not a morning person!

You might be asking why would I make my title this...well that is where training for the Mercedes comes in! Since Nick and I are running for Isabelle, that means we have group runs 3 days a week!!! Tuesday mornings just happened to be our SUNRISE run (at 5:30 AM!!!)...anyone who knows me, knows NOT to talk to me for the first hour of me waking up...at least until I get some Diet Coke in my system. Well, I am working on turning over a new leaf! We ran 5 miles this morning, but I am not going to lie...as soon as I got home...I went BACK TO SLEEP! Today was a very exciting day for me because I was able to set up our fundraising website for The Bell Center. As many of you might know by now, we are running in honor of our little friend, Isabelle! She is my inspiration on why I run at 5:30!!! Our target goal from The Bell Center was $2,620 but I stepped it up a notch...and made our goal $5,000! All of the money goes directly to this wonderful nonprofit organization. I will be keeping you updates as we progress with training and of course just keep you updated with my crazy life. Please visit http://firstgiving.org/ellenmiles to donate and learn more about The Bell Center. Also, if you want to keep updated with Miss Isabelle, feel free to visit her mom's blog
I look forward to keeping you updated...on a side note...as I am still a relatively new wife and I just had to show you a picture of my very first homemade chicken potpie picture...it came out wonderful...very easy recipe if you are interested, let me know!

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  1. I can't believe you guys are such athletes! Great job!! thanks for sharing her mom's blog too, after seeing her picture last week I couldn't resist finding out more about her, so cute! You guys are awesome!


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