Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I feel like crap...

(Cody sleeping in back of Nick's truck on the way to Auburn)

Of course I had a VERY eventful day...woke up and ran 5.5 miles at 5:30, but y'all don't understand...I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. It was actually soooo much fun! I ran into at least six people that I knew. Nick and I have decided to run the Mercedes Half Marathon!!! I can't believe it will be my second one to run! Just last week, I was cursing at myself for quitting running because it was like I had to start FROM SCRATCH!!! My secret confession is also that I was bought (THREE Designer Jeans that are two sizes too small last winter) I have major motivation. I knew I had to take the chance if Nick was even considering doing a half. I am so excited to finally get a little motivation back...that is until I started to feel like crap last night. I already got ourselves two z-packs. I can't afford to go back to work sick and knock me out of my routine.
I had to also post some adorable picks of my two nephews, the Bumble Bee and Pumpkin:

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