Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Monday!

I am trying to look forward to a weekly yoga night (tonight is the P90x DVD). I had my usual sales meeting like I do every Monday...I am having to say that Cody is getting in quite the routine. After my husband left, it was then me to take him to do his "business" before and after lunch. By the time I got to work, I realized I had to make a call to my insurance provider. After not feeling great this weekend, I decided to go to the Doc in the box. Well I found out that I was seen by a P.A. not a doctor and that my co-pay went up to $40! After being quite annoyed that I paid that much for a physicians assistant to stick out my tongue and look in my ears...I decided to make my call. I totally understand to be NICE to the person on the other line...after all, they didn't make up the rules. The lady simply told me that my Benefit Plan changed. And then I asked, well I don't remember changing it...she said no it was changed by the insurance company. So now I have a higher co-pay, higher monthly payment, and a higher deductible. This is not helping my Monday go so good...oh well, I guess I can still look forward to Yoga!

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