Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girl's night last night!

Remember how I told y'all how I went in to a big Southern college...well I was also in a sorority. I have to say that I am SOOOOOO lucky for the girls that I met. There is a group of 13 of us that still constantly keep in contact. We have been doing the wedding thing (I am in 2 this year) and now I get to say I'm having one of my best girls having the "first baby" of the group. She's about to pop any day. Whether its shopping for my best girlfriend's wedding gown or running errands, I love hanging out with them. I'm also lucky that 3 of them live in my city!
Last night we met up for wine tasting and then went to Tiff's place for HOMEMADE pizza! Brooke and I just watched, while Whit and Tiff did the work. Then we thought it would be a good idea to make margaritas with it...well we didn't have tequila, so we made it with Triple Sec and Vodka...have to say, they were quite tasty (sweet and tart). Here is a picture of our pizza we made!!!!

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