Sunday, August 23, 2009

I was young...but still snuck around and watched Melrose Place!

Melrose Place is coming back to CW, will Heather Locklear come back and play the EVIL Amanda!!!

Looks like "Melrose Place's" biggest meanie may be back.

Heather Locklear, who played Amanda Woodward on "Melrose Place" during its original run in the '90s, is in talks to return to the new CW version, premiering this fall.

She would reprise her role as the backstabbing ad executive Woodward, People reports. Former castmates Laura Leighton, Thomas Calabro, Josie BissettDaphne Zuniga have already signed on. and

The CW and a spokesperson for Locklear have yet to comment on the rumored negotiations, but there have been hints that the 47-year-old star would be welcomed back to her old address.

"We're huge fans of hers," executive producer Todd Slavkin said of Locklear earlier this summer. But she's not an automatic hire just because she's starred on the show in the past. Slavkin explained that "Melrose Place" alumni are being invited back on the basis of whether or not their characters would fit in, or feel contrived.

Meanwhile, "Melrose Place" is still a big part of Locklear's life, even if she doesn't join the new show. She's been dating Jack Wagner, who starred as her boyfriend on the show, Dr. Peter Burns.

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