Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Golden puppy, Cody

So like any newly married couple, before you have kids, you test a puppy...just like in Marley and me. It's supposed to be the next step. Anyway, that is how we get to Cody, our 10 week 11.7 lb. golden retriever puppy. I mean just look at him, and he'll make you want to curl up in a ball with him!

Well Cody and I had a busy Monday morning. After my run, decided to bring him into my builder's office (after all...I was dropping off a contract)! After that, Cody's "mommy and daddy" decided he can now go to Pet Smart since he's had two shots. Like any proud mom, I was happy to say we had NO accidents. Somehow, during the recession, I have learned to spend $30 (more) on toys. This girl cannot take a newly renovated house with new furniture to get destroyed. But seriously, $30?

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