Monday, August 24, 2009

Gross...but totally funny!

After just hearing the grossest but funniest story from my husband...I have to admit it's worth blogging about. So, as y'all are starting to learn about me, Cody is our new puppy. Apparantly he had not done enough of his "business" when he was with me. When my husband got home, he gladly took Cody out. Well what happened between now until the end of this story had me in tears. He told me that Cody couldn't get all of his poop out and was running around the front yard (still in the squatted position). The poop was just dangling and wouldn't go anywhere! After Cody tried to run in the house, my husband was chasing him outside trying to whack off the poop with a stick...after that didn't work, he picked up our pup and ran him into the bathroom over the this gets gross, but if you know anything about my husband, you would find quite funny. At this point, they are both desparate to get the poop out of him...he had to do what any good daddy would do...get it out himself! He grabbed some toilet paper and pulled it out (he said it was a good "pencil length") and flushed down the toilet. Cody looked at him in such relief that this ordeal was over! I wish I could have been there to see it in person! Sorry, but that is a glipse of my real life.

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