Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poor poor Cody- don't eat Nerf balls!

Ok, well I have to admit, I didn't plan on having THAT many entries on our little Cody. For the past two days, we have had one sick pup. The pencil poop was not the end of our troubles. Comes to find out that my husband hears a gag (this is a little gross...) and when he runs out he has thrown up my thong! In one piece! We ended up taking him to the vet yesterday and she let us know that he seemed fine, but if he vomited any more to let her know immediately.
Well, of course Cody had a spell of about 12ish vomits throughout last night and this morning. Being terribly concerned we rushed him to the vet at 7:00 am! It turn out that he was given an enema and the vet found some orangeish color foam in his poop. She then asked if he had been around a Nerf ball. I had to confess!!!! When we were at the park on Tuesday (after the thong incident) he grabbed this ball and before I knew it he had eaten some of this! I feel awful! I truly had that feeling of not knowing if your baby (or this case...puppy) is going to be okay. He will be there until tonight. :(
Update: I did just talk to the nurse and so far everything is looking good...please God NO SURGERIES.
This has been a tough week on our little guy, but we are learning some good parenting skills: have your eyes on him at ALL TIMES!

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