Monday, June 21, 2010

Shaved dog...

So I was going absolutely crazy with Cody's hair being all over my house. I mean I was taking the dry mop to the house MULTIPLE times a day. We had been at the lake this past weekend with the whole family for father's day, and that is when I decided I was going to have my dog shaved the minute I got home. Well Nick took him to the vet today. It turns out that his hair was so long we didn't even notice that poor Cody was suffering hot spots all around his neck. Our vet called while he was supposed to be getting groomed and told us that she would need to shave off all of his hair around his neck (so not to freak out at the groomer when it didn't look "normal"). Let's just say I came in to pick him up after work and I had the feeling of getting a REALLY BAD HAIR CUT! Not only did I not recognize my dog's short haircut but he looked liked he got mauled around the neck! I was pretty much in tears on the way home because I felt like such a bad mommy for not knowing he was infected around his whole neck. I got home so upset and Nick tried to cheer me up telling me Cody looked cute with the short hair and that he loved the short cut because of the heat...but I just wanted my dog with all the matted hair back! He was in so much pain and I feel that he is mad at me for letting him get this ridiculous hair cut. I know many are saying "he's just a dog" but he's my doggy and I want him to look pretty and neat...I went to the vet expecting to pay $70 for grooming treatment and left paying $207 for grooming, shot, and meds! Poor Cody and poor hormonal mommy!

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