Sunday, June 27, 2010

20 weeks preggers- Bump at the beach!

20 weeks- HALF WAY THROUGH!!!

Well it's safe to say that I officially got my bump on! I took these two pics while I was down enjoying some R&R at the beach. I think my tummy seriously poked out overnight! I actually am excited to say that I am really starting to look pregnant (now I might be slashing my wrists later for voicing that) but for least I just don't look like I've been drinking extra booze!
We were down in the Gulf and it's sad because we were not able to go in the water at all because of the oil spill. I did enjoy lots and I mean lots of Vitamin D for baby boy Miles laying at the pool!

I am really starting to feel him a lot more everyday. Sometimes it's that fluttering feeling like you hear and sometimes it just feels like a bubble popped in my tummy.

Nick and I have decided on a name but that will have to wait until we tell friends. We did tell the family and they all love the name! Who knew a name could be so difficult to do. I remember before we picked up Cody from the breeder we got in lots of fights on over what we were going to name him. I mean that's just a DOG!!! Now imagine that on a much bigger scale!!!!!!!!!!!! We surprised each other and did not get in any bickering fights over this and both came up with something that we loved.


  1. you are SO cute in your bikini and baby bump!!! Can't wait to hear what his name is :)

  2. Can't wait to hear the name! Ill be home the 5th, so we have to get together that tuesday and walk and catch up! Miss you!


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