Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays- Groundhog Day

"If you could do-over one scene from your life...what would it be and why?"

I have just found Elizabeth's blog, so I am going to start participating in Truthful Tuesdays. She has picked this question today because of the great movie...Groundhog Day! If any of you know me, there are unfortunately way too many scenes I wish I could do-over in life...for example, the stupid ways that I act when I've had a little too much to drink. You girls reading know exactly what I am talking about. Sometimes I feel that I am just queen of the world and end up saying things that I totally regret.
That makes me thinking...what are some of the things that you wish you could redo?

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  1. Another woman who puts her foot in her mouth! LOL, just like me.

    Your puppy is sooooo cute, by the way. He is exactly one year and one day younger than my daughter :)

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