Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm back and pregnant!!!

Okay, I've been out of touch with my blogging world but things seemed to be pretty busy around my neck of the woods! Basically since the last time that I blogged I've got a lot changing with me!

Well, it's official- Nick and I are expecting our first child November 10, 2010!!!

I've seen on other blogs and have had friends tell me to post the size of the baby, so that is my new thing I will be doing with my blog. This week I am obviously the size of a lemon, with the baby weighing only 1 1/2 ounces. I am still just so excited and to be straight up honest, NERVOUS!!!

I had the doctor tell me that I needed to take a pregnancy test, and I really thought that I would be having to go in for lab work. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, the test came out screaming with two vivid blue lines. I ended up going to the doctor later that day and did some blood work. My HCG levels were showing that I was 5-7 weeks pregnant! WHAT?!?!?!?!

Looking back at it now, I should have seen a couple signs but blew them off thinking I was just having REALLY BAD PMS!

The next week, Nick and I had to go in for an ultrasound so they could determine my due date and how far along I really was. When we went in for the ultrasound we were lucky enough to already have a heartbeat! They told us that the baby was size of a grain of rice...I mean a grain of rice with a HEARTBEAT! I've kept it under wraps with friends and family until I felt comfortable enough to get through the first trimester. I am now 14 weeks and feeling great. I do have to say that my waist is definitely feeling "thicker."

I have still tried and will still continue to run. I am obviously not running long distances but I figured I'll run as long as I can.
I was VERY LUCKY to have such an easy first trimester. Now even though I was blessed not to get sick during my first trimester, I had crazy emotional hormones! I was either crying or yelling or doing both at the same time. I also felt like I was a teenager experiencing the worst acne! I never had skin problems so when I start getting acne at 27 can be a little traumatic!
Hopefully now that I'm in the second trimester my emotional roller coaster will start to be a little less!
This is my journey...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a cute little lemon you and nick will have! I'm SO excited for you guys!!! I love the pictures this week :) I've missed your blogging!

  2. CONGRATS! Glad you are feeling well! Look forward to hearing about your new little journey!!

  3. Congratulations Ellen!!! I'm SO excited for you guys!! I'm glad to hear that you had an easy first trimester, you're one lucky girl! Our baby girl will be here soon! After next week I'll officially be off of bed rest! Woohoo! I hope we'll see you and your pregger belly at the lake this summer.

  4. That is awesome! Congrats! Hope you guys are doing well!


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