Monday, June 27, 2011

Cole cruisin'

So we were at Buy Buy Baby a couple of weeks ago, and Nick has been wanting to get Cole a walker. He thinks he remembers how much fun it was when he was baby (which is funny b/c he doesn't have ANY memories as a child...I mean ANY before the age of five...always thought that was odd...besides the point). Nick ran over to the ONLY BLACK walker b/c it was shaped like a old car. It had no lights, noise or anything...thank goodness Nick walked away when I told him Cole needs something a little more "stimulating".
As we were going down the main aisle, Nick finds THIS walker and we pull it down from the shelf...plop Cole in...and he starts walking down the aisle!!! What sold Nick too is that you can actually hook up your
i-pod to it!!! How crazy is that???? So we were sold...this is a video of Cole cruisin' in our den:

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